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Skincare Q & A

What skin care product lines are available?

At La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant, Dr. Nasseri offers two high-end skin care brands with numerous products catered to your unique skin type. He recommends them based on your skin’s requirements. Using such products can also improve healing after a minimally invasive procedure.


Obagi focuses on giving you a thorough skin care regimen with numerous specialty products. Dr. Nasseri may recommend eye creams, facial moisturizers, retinol, and more to target your specific skin concerns.


Products by SkinMedica are advanced and refined in their formulas to optimize your skin’s tone and texture. You can get SkinMedica moisturizers, cleansers, brighteners, sun protectors, and more to simplify your beauty regimen.

What happens if I don’t practice good skin care?

It’s easy to neglect your skin in your care routine, especially if you don’t have an active skin condition that affects your appearance or causes bothersome symptoms like itching and swelling. As pointless and time-consuming as it may seem, taking care of your skin is crucial in helping you:

  • Protect yourself from sun damage and skin cancer
  • Avoid dryness and itching
  • Avoid acne and other breakouts
  • Remove dead skin cells and dirt
  • Look your best

Your skin is one of your primary protectors against infectious diseases, viruses, and bacteria. If you don’t care for it, you could leave yourself more susceptible to diseases and conditions that affect more than just your skin. Additionally, a home skin care routine minimizes your need for costly and time-consuming procedures.

What does proper skin care entail?

At the very least, you should cleanse your skin daily with a gentle cleanser and keep it hydrated with moisturizer. Using sunscreen whenever you spend time outside is essential in keeping your skin from drying out, accumulating damage, and even getting cancer. 

Other skin care products that may be necessary for your personal routine include:

  • Serums
  • Ointments
  • Exfoliants
  • Toners

During your consultation or after an in-office skin treatment, Dr. Nasseri evaluates your skin and asks about some of your most pressing concerns. You’d be surprised by the difference a good quality toner can make for your skin’s tone or a specialized serum for its firmness.

If you’d like to personalize and optimize your skin care routine with professional products, call La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant or book an appointment online today.

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