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Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening Q & A

Why do I need skin-tightening treatments?

You’ve more likely noticed that skin gets looser over time.  For some people, the process starts as early as their 30s or even their late 20s. In any case, looser skin causes wrinkles which are a giveaway of getting older.

Skin laxity occurs for several reasons. Time and sun damage work together to wear away fibrous proteins within your tissues called collagen and elastin. Elastin keeps your skin tight while collagen keeps it strong and structured. As it gets lost, the skin starts to look loose, folded, and wrinkled. The skin also starts to lose some of the fat that makes it look plump, contributing to this loose new look. 

What are my skin-tightening treatment options?

Feeling unhappy with your loose skin for appearance purposes or because of the way it feels is common. Even if you eventually get used to a level of laxity, it always seems to get worse. At La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant, Dr. Nasseri uses two different state of the technology with  InMode Optimas devices to help your skin regrow collagen and elastin to keep it tighter for longer. 


The InMode Optimas Morpheus8 emits uniform fractional energy to tighten and reshape your tissues. It penetrates layers of tissue and fat to make your face or body appear smoother, sleeker, and tighter.


InMode Optimas Forma is a smart device that heats your skin with radiofrequency waves and measures the temperature in real-time. If your skin becomes too hot, the device cuts off the heat. The thermal oscillation causes your skin to tighten and your tissues to rebuild.


How long does my tighter skin last?

Permanently tighter skin is ideal, but gravity and other factors, unfortunately, don’t allow for that. However, if you take care of your skin and diligently protect it from the sun, you can enjoy the results of your skin-tightening treatment for months or even years. 

You must keep in mind that each body responds to skin-tightening treatments differently, and there are numerous factors at play in deciding how long your skin stays tight after your treatment. 

Since energy treatments by InMode Optimas prompt rebuilding in your tissues, you’ll see a gradual improvement in your skin’s tightness starting after a few days lasting for up to a year. Then, with the right care, and maintenance treatments the results can last for years.

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