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Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment Q & A


How does acne treatment work?

At La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant, Dr. Nasseri uses the InMode Optimas to treat acne breakouts. The Optimas features numerous settings to tackle many skin concerns and conditions. One of Optimas’ features, called the Morpheus 8, specializes in treating inflammatory skin conditions like acne. 

The Morpheus 8 handpiece contains a set of tiny needles that enter your skin for a preset minimal distance and emit thermal radiofrequency deep into your skin. This procedure is performed 50-60 minutes after the application of topical anesthetics and sometimes oral relaxing medication are given. The small punctures combined with the therapeutic radiofrequency warmth stimulate your tissues’ growth and healing, resulting in less cystic acne and fewer acne scars from past breakouts. 

Dr. Nasseri may combine the treatment with cold air to keep your skin from overheating and to force the energy deeper into your skin.

The treatment also gives your skin an overall enhancement in tone and texture, making it smoother and tighter as well as free of pimples and lesions.

How long does an acne treatment take?

Each acne treatment session with the InMode Optimas takes about one to two hours including the time needed for topical anesthetic to become effective. Recovery time isn’t necessary and you’ll see an immediate improvement. 

Every acne case is different, however. Depending on the seriousness and longevity of your breakout, Dr. Nasseri may recommend several treatment sessions with the Optimas to reach complete skin clarity. There’s no way to predict how well your skin will tolerate the treatment and how many sessions you’ll need, but most cases diminish after a month or two of treatments. In addition, there are alternative medical-grade chemical treatments of acne that Dr. Nasseri can use for the treatment of acne during the office visit.


Am I a candidate for acne treatment?

Most cases of acne go away with simple home care, like cleansing your skin and applying over-the-counter products. Dr. Nasseri recommends aggressive acne treatment, like Optimas, and office chemical treatments for cystic or severe acne that doesn’t respond to do-it-yourself measures. 

After a brief consultation with Dr. Nasseri, he might decide that you’re a candidate for Optimas or chemical acne treatment if you:

  • Have already tried home care
  • Can commit to multiple treatments
  • Are prone to acne scars
  • Have severe or long-lasting acne

Dr. Nasseri may recommend other steps in your care plan, like medications, if he thinks they’ll help your breakout clear up faster. 

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* Individual results may vary

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