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Morpheus 8

At La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant, Dr. Nasseri uses the InMode Optimas for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and acne treatment. The Optimas features numerous settings to tackle many skin concerns and conditions. One of Optimas’ features, called the Morpheus8.

The Morpheus 8 handpiece contains a set of tiny needles that enter your skin for a preset minimal distance and emit thermal radio-frequency deep into your skin. This procedure is performed 50-60 minutes after the application of topical anesthetics and sometimes oral relaxing medication are given. The small punctures combined with the therapeutic radio-frequency warmth stimulate your tissues’ growth and healing, resulting in less cystic acne and fewer acne scars from past breakouts. Dr. Nasseri may combine the treatment with cold air to keep your skin from overheating and to force the energy deeper into your skin, with no thermal damage to your skin tissues. The treatment gives your skin an overall enhancement in tone and texture, making it smoother and tighter as well as free of pimples and lesions. It stimulates production of collagen.
*Individual results may vary