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How do Juvéderm and other dermal fillers work?

Juvéderm is a popular name among dermal fillers. Its product line is celebrated for its long-lasting results and the many changes you can make to your appearance. Fillers like Juvéderm work by adding extra volume beneath your skin where you don’t have very much fatty tissue. Fillers are aesthetic treatments, meaning they’re meant to alter or enhance your appearance and nothing more.

The products consist of a gelatinous substance that is thin enough for Dr. Nasseri to expertly inject into your skin and thick enough to hold its shape. It’s soft enough to look and feel like your untreated skin, especially skin with plenty of tissue and fat to keep it plump and supple.

Different fillers have different molecular cohesiveness and water solubility which will require expertise in deciding the amount and the type filler needed for the best results in different parts of the face. This knowledge separates knowledgable experts like Dr. Nasseri in the field of Aesthetics.

How can dermal fillers enhance the way I look?

There are numerous alterations that you can make to your face and other areas using injectable dermal fillers alone. Dr. Nasseri selects the right product for you based on your goals, as most dermal fillers specialize in treating one or several specific areas.

With a few well-placed injections, Dr. Nasseri can:

  • Thicken your lips
  • Reshape or define your lips
  • Plump your cheeks
  • Smooth unwanted creases and lines
  • Add volume to your temples
  • Make your face more symmetrical
  • Volumize the backs of your hands

Dr. Nasseri places small amounts of fillers and makes sure they’re evenly distributed so that you don’t look blown up or overdone. Instead, you’ll simply look like a healthier or more youthful version of yourself.






What are my dermal filler options?

La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant offers a variety of dermal fillers to help you love the way you look.


Juvéderm products use hyaluronic acid, a substance found throughout your body, to encourage lasting hydration in your skin. Juvéderm products like Ultra and Ultra Plus aim to reduce folds, lines, and wrinkles, while Juvéderm XC does the same and contains a small amount of lidocaine to numb your skin as the filler enters and spreads. Juvederm Voluma is for deep injections in midface while Vollure is for mid to deep injection in the lower face and Volbella is for lips and perioral lines.


Restylane products also use hyaluronic acid for lasting results. Dr. Nasseri uses Restylane Silk to enhance your lips, Restylane Lyft™ to fill your hands and cheeks, and Restylane Refyne™ to smooth laugh lines and other creases around your mouth.


Belotero uses hyaluronic acid to reduce nasolabial folds and marionette lines.


Unlike the others, the active ingredient in Radiesse is calcium hydroxylapatite. The product works on deep wrinkles and lines, promoting your own collagen growth for a strong difference that lasts a year or longer.

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* Individual results may vary