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How does Botox work?

Botox is a neuromodulator, meaning it affects your nerve activity. Specifically, it blocks your nerve impulses from signaling your muscles to flex for a period of time. Small doses of the main ingredient, botulinum toxin, can be injected into your skin in a controlled manner to affect your appearance or treat certain neuromuscular symptoms.

The most popular use for Botox and similar products is skin rejuvenation. A few well-placed injections make your skin look younger and tighter by alleviating fine lines and wrinkles.

How can Botox injections affect my appearance?

At La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant, Dr. Nasseri offers Botox injections to smooth certain facial wrinkles that become very defined over time. Such wrinkles are called dynamic wrinkles. They begin to appear when you make facial movements and expressions and soon become permanently visible on your face.

Dynamic wrinkles that you can fix with Botox include:

  • Crow’s feet (next to the eyes)
  • Frown lines
  • Glabellar  ridges ( between eyebrows)
  • Smile lines (fold on side of nose towards the mouth)
  • Marionette lines (fold on side of the mouth to chin)

It takes between 24 and 72 hours to see the full effect after your injections. After that, you can enjoy your wrinkle-free skin for three to six months. If you enjoy your time with fewer lines, you can come back for follow-up injections as needed.

What are some alternatives to Botox?

Botox is no longer the only wrinkle-relief option you have. At La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant, Dr. Nasseri also offers two other injectable neuromodulators with the same active ingredient. During your consultation, he helps you select the right skin rejuvenation treatment for you.



Dysport is the most affordable botulinum toxin injectable. However, it requires three times the injected units as Botox Cosmetics. Plus, it has the fastest onset. You’ll see the full effect in as few as 24 hours.



Xeomin is the purest formulation of a botulinum toxin neuromodulator. This helps keep you from becoming resistant to the drug, meaning you can get the injections repeatedly for as long as you want.

If your body becomes resistant to Botox or Dysport, you can switch to another type of botulinum toxin injection. Dr. Nasseri explains the differences to you further during your consultation.

There’s no reason to live with fine lines and wrinkles if they impact your self-esteem. Call or click online to book a consultation for Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin at La Jolla Med Spa and Hair Transplant today.